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Guard Dog Management Service

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K-9 is an American culture, which is the symbol of CANINE , which means dogs or a kind of tooth and also representing dogs’ power. All the powerful dogs’ training is include with K-9, where most commonly seen is the American dog team. This symbol has also been used for many of the same dog training, including training center. Hong Kong’s Carver Kennel dog training centre has named as K-9 Training Centre in 1995 as K-9 Training is important for our centre. This kind of training or work is not for normal dog keepers, even not for dog performance. The training process involves a lot of profession. It is because the ultimate goal is to breed a powerful dog. Its prerequisite is that the trainer is professional, the dog has great conditions, daily care and management environment are professional, dog owner is competent and the dog handler is capable. This kind of training is solely suitable for business use, if you are considering using business guard dogs, please surf our website in “Guard Dog Service”. We advise all the dog keepers that K-9 Training/ Protect Training must have nice dog species and proper training arrangement. Dog keepers must have obtained related knowledge and adequate supervising and controlling ability, in order to achieve our purpose for using them. If we have to get a dog appropriate for guarding in private premises, the requirements are different. We can design effective house guarding training for the dog keepers, for every different housing status, so that it can effectively guard the house and the family members can be protected.








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Provide a planning scheme for guard dog teams establishment and management

Monitoring of Guard dogs used and regular consultancy services

Kennels management improvement and consultancy services

Formal training certificate courses for Guard Dog Security Guard

Upgrade training certificate courses for under employment Guard Dog Security Guard

Purchasing suitable dog along with a training for working

Assessment of Dog health and ability

Working test for Guard dog

Working exercises for Guard dog

Professional design for kennel







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