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Belgian Malinois Breeding





Every time before Carver K-9 Training Center decides to reproduce working dogs, many factors must be taken into consideration. We think it is our basic ethics as dog breeders that we should not over-reproduce lives. The factors we would consider include: Do they have nice blood relationship, Whether the dogs used for reproduction have good appearance, Do they have good personality, the stability of their emotions, their health status, their working ability, the adequate blood relationship of both the male and female dogs in order to avoid inbreeding etc. There are still more arrangements before, Each of the above factors will directly be inherited to the next generation.



As a breeder, without certain considerations means having no such a concept, as well as the knowledge for reproduction and ethics. If the process of reproduction or regulation is not strictly followed, it will directly affect the lives of the newborn dogs, including their health, personality, education and training plan. It is equivalent to over-producing bad dogs. Eventually, the sufferer must be the dogs and its keepers. We really understand that every time of reproduction involves a lot of lives, therefore every time of it is not for satisfying others. No any other knows better that having conditions for keeping a nice dog does not reflect that one is a good dog keepers. As what the keepers want most is the fruit of it. Carver Kennel faces training, working dogs, anxieties of the dog keepers for over twenty years. We would only bring dog keepers with a new start for their training life, finding good masters for the newborn dogs. We hope every story between people and dogs has a good ending. For any question related to the above, enquiries are fully welcomed.


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